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All member clubs are required to fulfill their financial obligations to the tournament host at the semi-annual meeting.  The following fees are required

  •       $800 – Banquet tickets

  •      $200 – Commemorative booklet 

Failure to pay at the semi-annual meeting results in an automatic fine of $100. For every month after an additional $100 will be added to the fine.

All clubs’ players are to register with the HNNS for the tournament. 
Participating clubs must provide:

Player name, Address, date of birth 
And a picture of the player verifying the players identification. 
The club must Provide a valid proof of insurance for each of its players

Falsification of a player’s information or likeness will result in a $500 fine. 
The HNNS will create a player pass for all participating players. 
Teams must submit all their player information no later than 3 weeks before the Tournament.

Player passes will cost $5per player if completed 3 weeks before the Tournament
Player passes will cost $10 if completed 2 weeks before the tournament. 
Player passes will cost $20 Monday or Tuesday of the tournament week. 
Player Passes will cost $50 Wednesday or Thursday of the tournament week. 
Player passes will cost $100 on the Friday of the tournament.

At the Friday night meeting before tournament play, all teams will submit their tournament roster sheet. This will contain a maximum of 20 players 

- Tournament waivers must be signed and completed.

- Travel permit and player registration payment.

A club must have written approval from its League or Federation in order to participate in a Tournament. (Travel Permit)

Only the 20 players on the official tournament roster sheet will be allowed to dress and participate in the tournament for each Club for the duration of the tournament. No players can be added to this listing after it has been submitted.

Download/Print Forms

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