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Tournament  Rules

All legally documented clubs and registered with the CNSF shall be divided up into equal groups of 4 teams in each group. 

If there are more clubs than can be divided by 4, some groups may have 5 clubs. 


Groups composed of 4 clubs shall play sets of 3 games amongst themselves. Groups composed of 5 clubs shall play 4 games.   

Round robin games consist of 2 x 20 minutes halves with a 5 minute of break. 


In order to determine first place in a group between teams with an equal number of points, the following order of tie-breakers will be used: 

1)    the final score in the meeting between these two tied teams (if more than 2 teams are tied for first, this will not be used)

2)    goal differential in all group games

3)    goals for

4)    goals against

5)    If everything is still equal, the group victor will then be decided by taking kicks from the penalty mark.


All games in the knock-out rounds that end in a tie after regulation time will play 2 x 5 minute overtime periods with no golden goal, except for the final which will play a 2 x 10 minutes overtime periods with no golden goal.

The Championship game will be 2 x35 minute halves. If the game ends in a draw after regulation, 2 x 10 minute overtime periods will be played with no golden goal.

If a play-off game ends in a draw after extra time, 5 penalty kicks will be shot. If no winner is determined, penalty kicks will continue in ‘sudden – death’ format.

During all tournament games, a player may be pulled from action and later be put back into action for the duration of the game (unlimited substitution). 

 When selecting the highest scorer and best goalkeeper, only first day 

Tournament results are taken into consideration where teams play an equal number of games to determine the winner from each group.

Playoff Format

Group Winners Automatically qualify for Sunday Quarter Finals


Top 6 teams (after group winners) based on points will play in Wild Card games Saturday 

Wild Card and Quarter final opponents will be done by ranking determined by points from group stage

8 Teams will compete Sunday ( Quarter Finals, Semi Finals and Final )


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