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All member clubs are required to fulfill their financial obligations to the tournament host by August 12th 2023.  The following fees are required

  •       $1000 – Banquet tickets 

All clubs’ players are to register with the HNNS for the tournament. 
Participating clubs must provide:

Player name, Address, date of birth 
And a picture of the player verifying the players identification. 
The club must Provide a valid proof of insurance for each of its players

Falsification of a player’s information or likeness will result in a $500 fine. 
The HNNS will create a player pass for all participating players. 
Teams must submit all their player information no earlier than 3 weeks before the Tournament.

Player passes will cost $5 per player if completed 3 weeks before the Tournament
Player passes will cost $20 Monday or Tuesday of the tournament week. 
Player Passes will cost $50 Wednesday of the tournament week. 
Player passes will cost $100 on the Thursday of the tournament.

No Player passes will be issued after Thursday August 31st 2023.

At the Friday night meeting before tournament play, all teams must:

-  Submit their tournament roster sheet. (This will contain a maximum of 20 players) 

- Tournament waivers must be signed and completed.

- All Player registrations must be paid.

Download/Print Forms

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